queen anne

The task: mix renaissance and pop music to create a layered score of traditional instruments like harp, strings, and harpsichord with modern instruments like keyboards and electronic percussion. 

The result: 

underscoring/commercial music

The task: create a podcast theme song that sarcasticly plays off a children’s show theme song. 

The result:

The task: take Scott Joplin piano pieces and orchestrate it to underscore a comedic silent film. 

The result: 

The task: re-orchestrate, re-record, and re-write the lyrics to “My Shot” from HAMILTON, to create a parody music video promoting a New York ballot initiative. 

The result:

ayn rand in love

The task: evoke Hollywood in the 1930s. 

The result (all recordings from a live performance at MCL Theatre, Chicago):

motel rasdell

The task: take 1940s swing and make it fit a gritty musical theater comedy. 

The result (all recordings from a live performance at the June Havoc Theatre, NYC):